Tom Plaskett Lead VFX Supervisor

Tom’s keen technical detail and creative eye helped to fast track his career from VFX Intern to VFX Supervisor. A graduate of Confederation College with a degree in Multimedia Production and Broadcasting, Tom joined RSVFX in 2013. His credits include his Emmy nomination for work on HANNIBAL (NBC), streaming titles, HALO (Paramount +), LOCKE AND KEY (Netflix), INTO THE BADLANDS (AMC) and films such as THE NEST (d. Sean Durkin) and BYE BYE MAN (d. Stacy Title). Tom is a passionate gamer and gains inspiration from the many storytelling techniques found therein. He revels in any new technology he can get his hands on. Tom avidly utilizes motion capture, lidar and photogrammetry gear to explore new avenues for production.