No bigger Fannibals for Hannibal than Rocket Science VFX

On behalf of the artists and staff of Rocket Science, the VFX Supervisor/Producer team of Robert Crowther and Anthony Paterson would like to thank Executive Producer Bryan Fuller for encouraging us to help realize his unique vision for three seasons of the ground-breaking and critically-acclaimed network television series, “Hannibal”.

From the Wendigo to Tarry Alanna, and from Palermo’s Norman Chapel to The Great Red Dragon, no other series project has challenged our artists to produce such creative visuals that have resonated so greatly with the series many internet-savvy Fannibals. ¬†Through all 39 episodes, Rocket Science VFX provided the primary vfx design and supervision for the series through hundreds of shots and many man hours both on set and in the studio.

Rocket Science would also like to thank Executive Producers Martha De Laurentiis and Steve Lightfoot, and Gaumont International Television executives Carol Trussel and Tim King, as well as the entire cast and crew of Hannibal.  We hope to dine together again soon.