Rocket Science Seizes a Golden Opportunity

Rocket Science is happy to announce it has completed its move to swank new offices at 35 Golden Avenue. Built upon the floor plan of a former uniform factory, the new facility is located in the heart of the Junction at the top of Roncesvalle village, near both the subway and high speed rail to the Toronto Airport.

The new custom-designed facility will allow Rocket Science to grow to more than 100 artists and support staff, offering our clients an even more extensive range of services and capabilities. The massive artist space affectionately dubbed “The Barn” is one giant pillar-and-partition free space that can house all of our artists in a single cool, collaborative environment with custom screening rooms, 10 gigabit ethernet to the desk, and high speed fiber links to the world. In winter we flood the floor and turn it into a hockey rink!

Also housing a gourmet bakery and cafe, custom coffee house, and even a dance studio, the building at 35 Golden Ave is a modern marvel of design and technological advancement.